A quality security system is an essential part of keeping your home safe. Each residential system and installation is tailored to the client’s needs with high quality, feature-rich cameras. This includes designing and install security systems for all types of commercial applications. Plus are systems can be the Integrated security camera suited for home & business usage. 


Our systems include high definition, infrared cameras that provide 360° of coverage, license plate recognition and detailed imagery. Tighten up security and decrease theft with surveillance cameras trained on targeted areas.


Wireless surveillance allows you to access your video feed remotely via smartphone or tablet. Camera equipment is covered by manufacturer warranty.

Everyone’s business model and needs are different. Consultation with Massive Engineering Services wiil help elirmiate the possiblity of overwehling system choices and help you make the best commercial camera installation for your unique situation. If your business is in a office building, retail store, resturant / lounge, an home office or construction site, a day care center for children or adults, Massive Engineering Services his here to provide the best solution for you.


Surveillance packages include:

  • High definition infrared cameras – Each camera (2, 6, or 10 MP) operates with high definition TVI technology, allowing you to see distinguishing features, not just blobs on a screen. Infrared technology ensures clear footage at night.

  • Recording device(s) – Preserves high-quality video for playback on a digital format.

  • Discrete cabling – All cables are hidden from view, keeping your property neat and free of safety hazards. Our expert installers will provide a clean and professional installation.

  • Remote access to surveillance system – Login to your system via secure remote connection anytime day or night using your iPhone/Android phone or from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Retrofitting or replacement – Retrofit older analog-based systems with TVI technology and high definition, high resolution cameras.

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