About Us 


We Are your Service Desk Solution Providers

Massive Engineering Services, LLC (MESNET, LLC) is a one-stop  IT and Audio Video solutions provider, location in our nation's capitol of Washington, DC.  MESNET has a wide-range of professional technicians that you can trust for a rapid response should you need onsite



Sometimes, technology problems cannot be addressed through a simple phone call or even remote 

support through our managed services department. We understand this and can quickly escalate your call and deliver to one of our qualified technician to your door to fix the problem so that you can focus on your business.


In addition to routine problem calls, our professional technicians can provide expert support in networking, large-scale upgrades, large roll-outs of Laptops, desktop computers and VOIP phones and smart devices, server management, hardware or software installation and much more.


Any wiring that is done inside your facility, to distribute your Voice or Data service beyond the demarc/MPOE (minimum point of entry) is considered “Inside Wiring.” In order for major telecom Voice or Data services to be installed within your business’s facility, the services need to be wired from the demarc/MPOE to a location near your equipment. If Inside Wiring does not exist at your facility, wiring will need to be addressed before any major telecom services can be fully installed, including, but not limited to: 


(1) New service or upgrade of service: Inside Wiring is required when you purchase new service(s) from any major telecom provider or request a change to your existing 



(2) Extension of network to additional locations: Inside Wiring will be required to extend your business’ network to more offices or locations in your facility. 


(3) Repair of service: In some repair situations, the trouble on your line may be traced to problems with your Inside Wiring.


Let us plan and deliver a cost and time effective solution to you, so you can focus on the running of your business.